Mar 12, 2015

deynaDlush wants to spotlight our very own Deyna! This San Diego native is an incredible mother, athlete, and Dlush team member. Before graduating from UCSD in 2012, Deyna ran track, was an AS Senator, was on the board for Black Student Union, and worked for Rimac. In addition to being an incredible student, Deyna is an incredible athlete. Even after having her son, she still went on to compete in Track & Field and won conference. Deyna participated in the 400 hurdles, the four by four, and the open four. Her tenacity, dedication, and amazing spirit are just some of the reasons why Dlush loves having Deyna on the team. How does she manage everything? When she needs a pick-me-up, she orders an The Dlush, because it tastes amazing and gives her a boost!

Mar 01, 2015

5I9A1509-LDo you LOVE brunch but hate leaving campus? Do you want a fun new tradition to share with your friends? Do you love sleeping in on the weekends and eating a meal slightly resembling lunch but is really basically breakfast? Then YOU should try brunch at Dlush! Not only is it fun and exciting, but we have created 12 reasons why you should have your next brunch at Dlush:

1. It’s on campus so you don’t have to take a bus, ask someone to drive, drive yourself, leave campus, go far, or use data to open your maps application.

2. You can come in your jammies because, hey, we won’t judge.

3. You can start a new tradition with your friends. Ever heard of the Breakfast Club? You and your friends can star in your very own reality show (not reality tv, just reality) called The Brunch Club.

4. We serve our brunch items all day so you can have brunch at 8pm if you wanted to. Because, why not?

5. If you hashtag #Dlushbrunch on Instagram with a photo of you and your friends brunching, you can be featured on our @dlushlife Instagram page for everyone to see. You and your friends will be instafamous!

6. Our brunch items are really, really good. If you don’t believe us, just scroll to the end of this post to view a few snapshots of what we have for you.

7. We can give you and your friends a shoutout over the microphone, orrr you can make a fake name and give a shoutout to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or to SpongeBob or Agent P and Doofenshmirtz. Hey, the customer is always right.

8. If you don’t feel like being social, you can brunch solo because why not?

9. Our team really likes people, so you will be welcomed like you are at a mom ‘n pop restaurant (but you don’t have to worry about anyone calling you “hun”).

10. If you order a drink, we like to do drink art! Look on our Instagram page (@dlushlife) for some cool examples.

11. We have the super healthy food and the sweet stuff, so you can come whether it’s cheat day or not.

12. The food. Like, it is SO GOOD.





Feb 25, 2015

IMG_9216-LWho is that mysterious man behind the microphone? You’re probably talking about Eman (Emanuel)! Eman has been with Dlush since before Dlush came to UCSD, so he is definitely a member of the Dlush family. To help you all get to know this guy better, we asked him a few fun questions:

Dlush: If you could be a drink, which drink would you be and why?

Eman: I would be a Saigon Surge, because I am full of energy, full of sugar, and then I crash.

Dlush: Which word/phrase do you use most often behind the microphone?

Eman: Oh yeahhhh!

Dlush: What was the craziest drink order you’ve ever filled?

Eman: There was this one time when the customer asked for a Sassy B mixed with Cookies and Cream with yoba, mint, and two shots of espresso.

Dlush: What is your biggest drive in life?

Eman: I want to inspire others. I love seeing people happy, because that is what makes me happy.

Dlush: Finally, what is your favorite Dlush drink?

Eman: I love Sassy B because of the strawberry flavor with the delicious banana with ice cream.

Feb 21, 2015

5I9A6836-L Vanessa Chan, a UCSD undergraduate student and instagram fashion blogger extraordinaire, took some time out of her hectic (yet fun) schedule to talk about her Dlush life. Vanessa is a very passionate person, which is so evident in everything she does. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity, and is planning on going to law school to become a corporate lawyer. With all of these amazing activities and goals, one might sum up Vanessa as a very studious, serious woman. While Vanessa does study hard and take her work quite seriously, she also follows other passions in life, especially her passion for fashion.

5I9A6869-LVanessa has an incredible following on her instagram account, @vanessaaameow ( At the time of this posting, she has nearly 100,000 followers who love both her style and her fun personality. Her #1 accessory? An Orange Freshy in the Dlush glass bottle. Vanessa’s goal is to dress to express, not impress. These are words to live by, and we are definitely inspired by this amazing young woman!

Feb 13, 2015

imageKellie Avery has her own Dlush love story, which fits into our theme of love for Valentine’s week. Kellie has loved Dlush since our days at Otay Ranch Town Center in Chula Vista (our old location), where she went nearly every day after school. To Kellie, Dlush was (and is) where she went with her friends to enjoy a refreshing drink (almost always a Sassy B) in the hot Southern California weather. When she came to UCSD, she tried to find this perfect blend of social and laid-back vibes in other places on campus, but none of the drink or restaurant spots filled this niche for her.

When Kellie heard that Dlush was coming to UCSD, she was beyond excited. Her memories of being with friends and all of the fun times she had rushed back in an “exciting flashback.” She was one of the first in line when the UCSD location opened, and she has been a loyal fan ever since. We love you Kellie, and we are so happy that you shared your Dlush love story with us!

Feb 12, 2015

imageIt’s almost Valentine’s Day, and at Dlush, we love love! We love all forms of love, whether it is romantic love, friendly love, sisterly/brotherly love, or community love. Jessica Torres, an incredible 5th year Human Development major here at UCSD, encompasses the definitions of sisterly love and community love. Jessica just came back from Semester At Sea, a study abroad program that takes participants all over the world. She experienced other cultures, peoples, and places, and she has taken what she has learned back with her. Sharing her love for culture is second-nature to Jessica, considering she is very active in Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc, a Latina-interest sorority on campus. When Jessica joined this organization, it was mostly out of searching for a reason to stay at UCSD. Before joining Lambda Theta Nu, she did not feel as if she had any ties to UCSD. Instead of dropping out, she gave the school one last shot by joining Lambda Theta Nu. She has not looked back since. According to Jessica, Lambda Theta Nu’s pillars of community service, academics, and sisterhood bring out the best in her. Jessica and her sorority host an annual conference hosted here at UCSD for Latina middle and high school girls, the Latina Youth Leadership Conference (LYLC). This incredible conference takes months of planning, which includes Dlush fundraisers to help fund the conference. Jessica’s love for her sisters and her community are so inspiring, and she is only going forward from here.

Rebecca GoslaNeed something to do this Friday from 5-7pm on campus? Join Rebecca Gosla and her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, at our Dlush fundraiser to support the Arthritis Foundation, their national philanthropy which focuses on raising both money and awareness to combat juvenile arthritis. This fundraiser is kickstarting UCSD Alpha Omicron Pi’s series of fundraisers to support their new philanthropy event, the Alpha Games. The incredible organizer of the Dlush fundraiser, Rebecca Gosla, is a first year Cognitive Science major who has already hit the ground running in her chapter as the Assistant Vice President of Membership Recruitment. When she joined Alpha Omicron Pi just last quarter, she felt as if she immediately clicked with her outgoing and very supportive sisters. Now, in addition to her sorority position, Rebecca has taken a position as a writer for HerCampus, and this amazing young woman (and, fun fact, talented dancer) is taking the UCSD campus by storm! So, come join Rebecca and her sisters this Friday, February 6 from 5-7pm at Dlush at UCSD. Don’t know which of our drinks to try? Rebecca recommends her favorite, Xtra-C.

Jan 28, 2015

Well, it’s that time of the quarter. Midterms. Just think, it seemed like yesterday it was Week 1. The world was exciting and new; Stress was nowhere to be found. The Golden Age. Now, not so much. If you’re a serious student, you’ve probably turned to coffee—classic move.To help you out, the Dlush Team has done some research on the benefits and pitfalls of coffee so that you can use this caffeinated elixir wisely and crush those midterms.

1. Coffee makes you smarter: It has been shown in studies to improve memory, mood, and general, higher cognitive functions.

2. Coffee holds about 1,000 anti-oxidants that quell inflammation in your nervous system that fights off everything from arthritis to cancer.

3. Coffee has been found to decrease incidents of depression.

4. Coffee quickens your metabolism and can help you burn fat.

But, there are some kinks in coffee’s armor. Coffee raises your blood pressure and if consumed too much in a short period of time, can actually reverse the improvements in memory and cognition mentioned above. The solution? Be smart and drink coffee in moderation. More is not always merrier.

Pro Tip: The caffeine in coffee causes dehydration, which can cause sluggishness and lethargy (everything you don’t want to be the evening before your midterm). To combat this, drink something that will quench your thirst along with your coffee, like water or a sports drink. It will replace the water you lose due to caffeine and keep you firing on all cylinders.



Jan 20, 2015

At Dlush, we’re definitely known for our lemonades, teas, and fruity blended drinks. But, did you know that we’ve added breakfast to our repertoire? That’s right, Dlush is the place to be to get your day moving on the right track. We’ve got hot, organic, fair trade coffee supplied by our friends at Cafe Moto, any specialty coffee drink you could dream of, fresh pastries delivered daily, fresh fruit, and breakfast melts that’ll change the way you think about mornings. Our Spinach, Feta and Egg Melt (below) is packed with fresh ingredients all atop a thick piece of fresh, wonderful brioche toast. If you’re in serious need of a spectacular start to your day, we can bring out the big guns: our Stacked Breakfast Melt. With two eggs, cheese, two slices of bacon stacked between two slices of brioche toast, the Stacked Breakfast Melt is the true pinnacle of the Dlush breakfast.  So, set that alarm and don’t hit snooze—we’ll be up early waiting for you!

Spinach Feta Melt

Jan 15, 2015

Blueberry Crush Close upWant your next Dlush drink to pack a nutrient filled, anti-oxidant punch? Superyoba is your new best friend. A mix of blueberries, chia, and quinoa, superyoba will add crazy flavor and nutrition to any drink on our menu. What makes it so amazing? Let’s start with the blueberries. They have one of the highest concentrations of anti-oxidants of any natural food on earth, can help improve memory, and help to detoxify your digestive system. Chia is an Omega-3 acid powerhouse, having more of it than any fish! It also helps reduce your blood pressure and make you feel fuller faster, as it absorbs 10 times its weight in water. Lastly is quinoa, nature’s wonder. It’s packed full of fiber and protein, all while being all natural with no gluten.

Sweet deal, right? A scoop of superyoba in the bottom your Dlush drink will have you on the road to fit in no time at all. Head over and try it with our lemonades or teas today!

Blueberry Crush- Superyoba