May 27, 2015


This month, we are celebrating one of our fun, vibrant team members: John! John loves working for Dlush because he loves his team. He appreciates their hard work and how they always have each other’s backs. This isn’t the first time John has been on a team, either. He excelled in sports, playing football, basketball, and track. John isn’t just limited to structured sports, either. He loves the outdoors more than anything in the world! He enjoys hiking, surfing, camping, boating, and anything that can feed his adventurous spirit.

John loves everything about the outdoors, especially the beauty of nature. In fact, John is planning on painting the beautiful La Jolla cliffs landscape this summer. He has always loved art, and he is excited to pursue it as a hobby alongside his future career as a HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) Technician and Electrician. What powers this amazing man? His favorite Dlush drink, the Cucumber Mint Fizz! Next time you see John at Dlush, tell him a Kevin Hart line (his favorite comedian) and make his day!