Apr 09, 2015

5I9A0540-LThis month’s team member spotlight is focused on Gregory! Gregory has been with Dlush since the summer of 2014, and he has managed to work hard while keeping a huge smile on his face since day one. Beyond the counter, Gregory pursues his passion for astronomy and astrophysics by stargazing and learning about outer space. He has a fascination with the night sky, so he is always thinking about the size of the universe, the infinity that is space, and everything that is out there. His favorite telescope is the Hubble telescope, which is fitting, since April 2015 (AKA right now) is the 25th anniversary of the Hubble telescope! Back on planet Earth, Gregory enjoys staying involved with Nu Alpha Kappa on campus, as well as staying busy with work and learning more about the universe (because there is ALWAYS more to discover). As a wise man once said, “reach for the stars, and if you don’t grab them, at least you’re on top of the world.” Curious about what powers this superstar? Gregory always goes for the Chocolate Dlush with Yummy Yoba. It’s his favorite!