Jul 22, 2014


"Gilda Adler Photography"Just a friendly reminder to all of our Dlush fans–tag photos of your #dlushlife on Instagram for opportunities to win drinks on us. You can follow along with the fun with us here. We love our community and appreciate your support–it’s just our small and simple way of saying thanks.

What #dlushlife means to us:

  • REAL
  • Honest
  • Fun and Flavorful
  • Bright and Bold
  • Philanthropy-Focused
  • Delicious
  • Local
  • Playful

What does #dlushlife mean to you? Tell us through your photos on Instagram!

Jul 15, 2014

This summer has been an exciting time for Dlush’s new UC San Diego Price Center location. Opening at the start of the year, we stress-tested our new outpost with spring semester students, staff and faculty and are now in the process of implementing some of the feedback we’ve received. From creating more healthy menu options that still taste great (I can personally vouch for this), to adding new breakfast offerings and recommitting to our philanthropic and environmentally-friendly goals, we’re excited to usher in the new school year come August. If you’re in town and around campus over the summer, definitely pop in and check it out–or weigh in on your thoughts and suggestions in the comments box below.

Jul 01, 2014

Craving some ooey gooey goodness? Make your own turkey monster melt, Dlush style! It’s a great go-to for lunch, dinner or a one seriously delicious midnight snack. Read on for a few simple steps to making your own.



  • 5 slices of turkey
  • a few slices of mozzarella cheese
  • 1 tablespoon mayo
  • 2-3 tablespoons chopped bacon (we like ours on the crispier side for added texture)
  • 2 large leaves of lettuce (butter lettuce or romaine hearts work well)
  • 4 large tomato slices
  • 2 pieces of texas toast or bread of your choice
  • butter as needed


  1. Lightly coat the toast in butter.
  2. Layer turkey and cheese on one slice of bread. Toast as an open-face sandwich in a toaster oven or convention oven. Toast the second slice of buttered bread as well to ensure even cooking. Approximate time is around 4 – 6 minutes–we like a hot oven for this–about 425 F.
  3. Once melty and delicious looking, remove the open-face melt and second slice of bread, layer on tomato, lettuce and mayo.
  4. Sprinkle on bacon bits and add your top layer of toast.
  5. Eat and enjoy!