Mar 15, 2015

5I9A6733-LSeeing green? Want to know more about St. Patrick’s Day? Well, the luck of the Irish is in your favor, because here are some fun facts about this national holiday:

1. Patrick’s real name was actually Maewyn. He took the Catholic name Patrick when he became a priest. We’re glad he changed it, because St. Maewyn’s Day definitely doesn’t have the same ring to it!

2. There are no female leprechauns in Irish folklore.

3. The average person spends $36 on St. Patrick’s Day related items, ranging from top hats to bar tabs to t-shirts and green buttons. That’s a lot of money to not get pinched!

4. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was in Boston in 1737. The Irish liked the idea so they started doing parades after. They must have been green with envy for such a fun idea!

5. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the highest recorded number of leaves found on a clover was 14. That’s a lot of luck!









All photos copyright Gilda Adler Photography

Rebecca GoslaNeed something to do this Friday from 5-7pm on campus? Join Rebecca Gosla and her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, at our Dlush fundraiser to support the Arthritis Foundation, their national philanthropy which focuses on raising both money and awareness to combat juvenile arthritis. This fundraiser is kickstarting UCSD Alpha Omicron Pi’s series of fundraisers to support their new philanthropy event, the Alpha Games. The incredible organizer of the Dlush fundraiser, Rebecca Gosla, is a first year Cognitive Science major who has already hit the ground running in her chapter as the Assistant Vice President of Membership Recruitment. When she joined Alpha Omicron Pi just last quarter, she felt as if she immediately clicked with her outgoing and very supportive sisters. Now, in addition to her sorority position, Rebecca has taken a position as a writer for HerCampus, and this amazing young woman (and, fun fact, talented dancer) is taking the UCSD campus by storm! So, come join Rebecca and her sisters this Friday, February 6 from 5-7pm at Dlush at UCSD. Don’t know which of our drinks to try? Rebecca recommends her favorite, Xtra-C.

Oct 15, 2014



Dlush holds a proud tradition of philanthropy, something the Greek Organizations of UC San Diego know plenty about. The fraternities and sororities of UCSD diligently work hundreds of hours per year planning events and fundraisers for their chosen national charitable organizations, so, we here at Dlush thought that it was about time that we join together to magnify our potential impact. On the afternoon of Wednesday, October 22nd, we are hosting the executives of various Greek Organizations around the UC San Diego campus at our Price Center Location for a cocktail party-style Dlush Greek Party. Attendees will learn more about our 20/20 fundraiser model, where if an organization brings at least 20 people, they will receive 20% of every purchase for their cause. They will also be able to sample various Dlush beverages and other menu items. Through this event, we hope to lay the foundations for a strong and lasting friendship with each Greek Organization and the UC San Diego Greek System as a whole, where together, we will be able to make more of a difference in the world around us.


(Photo via University of California, San Diego)


Jun 24, 2014

This past Friday, Dlush had the honor of supporting the next generation of leaders at the Rady School of Management graduation. The Rady School, based at UC San Diego, is charged with developing ethical and entrepreneurial leaders who make a positive impact in the world through innovation, collaboration and knowledge. We were proud to show our support for this remarkable group of students by providing drinks to celebrate their accomplishments and graduation.

May 06, 2014


We’re excited to announce the official drink of May, the Floatie, made in honor of the students who have volunteered their time to be a Floatie at the annual Sun God Festival at UC San Diego. These students have received special Bystander Intervention Techniques and Alcohol Education from Health Education & SARC. As part of the on-campus community, we wanted to honor these student leaders with a special drink (which will be offered as a complimentary beverage to all Floaties on May 15). The Floatie drink contains a delicious blend of matcha green tea ice cream, espresso and a touch of cream, all garnished with a couple of Pocky sticks for a delicious and refreshing drink.